The first thing you will need is a song. This can either be a song you have written or a song that has already been recorded and released. If it is a song that has previously been recorded and you have a copy of the song, just send us the original version detailing any changes that you want to make on your custom track. Like what key you need it in, tempo of the song, and what recording package you are interested in. If you have written the song you will need to record yourself singing it. Many computers and cell phones have built in recording software already on it.

We suggest you or someone you know play an instrument along with your voice. If you do not play an instrument you can just send your vocal. We ask that when you send the vocal please have a defined melody for us to follow as this will affect the outcome of the demo. (Boondock reserves the right to reject songs which do not have coherent melodies.)

You may send your songs to us:
by Email; or by; skydrive (;or you may physically mail us a CD.) We will then begin working on your song/songs and will send the produced soundtrack (or tracks) back to you as soon as possible.

All songs must be accompanied by a check, money order, (or paid through PayPal). We will not begin work on any songs which are not paid in full. This is mainly because we are paying musicians and studio costs out of the proceeds.  All our work is done professionally and tastefully according to our estimations and specifications. We have a non-refundable policy after we have created the music for you.

We can send your tracks back to you by any method you would like, but there is a small shipping and handling fee for mailing through the U.S. Postal service or FedEx.

Note: medleys (or chained together songs) do not count as one demo.