About Us

We have been operating a recording studio and making soundtracks and demos for artists all over America for over 10 years. We have been privileged to work with soloists, vocal groups, writers, producers, bands and choirs. – every aspect of the music industry. Whether full time national artists, or local regional groups, we take the same pride and effort when working with you.
For a long time now we have noticed how difficult and frustrating it is for an artist/writer to find high quality soundtracks at a decent price. What usually happens is, they have to settle for cheaply done tracks and hope whoever is listening won't notice. The real truth is that a badly done track makes YOU sound bad. We've been in studio sessions with different artists who would not even listen to a demo because it had poor production quality...even though it was a great song! Also there are many radio stations that will not play certain groups because the music is too poorly done. That’s why we started Boondock Studio. – to offer a great sounding product at an even greater price. Boondock Studio is about making the best song-writer demo/soundtracks on the planet for a fraction of the cost of the leading competitors! We specialize in Today’s Modern & Traditional Country Music, Pop, Rock,Southern Gospel Music, Praise & Worship, and Contemporary Christian Music and offer everything: full production projects, demos, soundtracks, or even individual instrumentation for those that want their music to turn heads.